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    Hi guys -

    I am planning on getting a new Browning X Bolt in the next few months. This will be my first bolt action rifle and I would appreciate any feed back on what caliber to get and which variant of the rifle to go with.
    I have done some research in to several different calibers and at this point I am really liking the idea of the .300 WSM. (Open to suggestions though!)
    I will not be reloading right off the bat but I would certainly like to start at some point. The 30 caliber bullet seems like a good choice to me since it is fairly easy to come by for reloading purposes down the road.
    I really want to get into long range target shooting in the 600yrd, 800yrd up to 1000yrd distances. This rifle will predominantly be used for target shooting as I am not much of a big game hunter.... But I would like a caliber that is capable of taking down an elk should the opportunity for a hunting trip come my way. At this point the "X-bolt carbon fiber fluted" rifle really has my eye. The stock is kind of neat... Kind of unnecessary at the same time but what really draws me to the gun is the fluted barrel. (Hardly visible in this photo.)

    I am very fortunate to be able to "pro-form" any Browning firearm through my work at 50% off retail (one firearm per year) and that is primarily why I'm going with a Browning. I really like the look of some of the mildly tact-out Remington 700's but I can be more than happy with an X-Bolt of my choose for half off. :thumbup: I plan on running a bi-pod on this rifle and I am not necessarily set on a synthetic stock. Like I said, it's the fluted barrel on this model that really catches my eye. Another reason I like the WSM is the shorter action on the rifle and also, on the Browning's the .300WSM chambered rifles have 3 to 4" shorter barrels compared to the .300WM guns. Being 5'7" I'll take a 22 or 23 inch barrel over the 26"+ barrel any day. Any input or thoughts on this matter will be greatly appreciated. I'm new to the bolt action rifle world as I am mostly a pistol and shotgun guy. Thank you -


    X - Bolt page:
    Browning Firearms Finder

    I'd also be interested in what kind of optics would be needed to make reasonably consistent 1000 yard shots. Thanks guys! -

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