WTT Nice HP HDX 18 laptop for hand gun

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    Model number is X18-1180US

    Its guts

    It has a Q9000 Quad core clocked at 2.2
    9600M Nvidia Geforce Graphics 512mb
    500gb Hard drive
    10gb Restore Drive that contains all the files need to do a fresh install of windows"very handy"
    Built in wify and blue tooth. The wireless card in this laptop is amazing and has some serious range.
    Full 1080p LCD screen I think its about 20 inches
    Full qwerty key board with num pad
    Finger print scanner
    Blue ray disk drive with DVD RW and light scribe
    4 high speed usb ports
    Built in webcam and microphone
    HMDI port to connect to high def TV or what ever
    10 in one card reader
    A very nice Carrying case that was around 125 that fits it perfect and all that comes with it.
    Windows Vista and I will include Microsoft Office 2007

    Has been restored to factory setting.

    Let me know what you got!
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    This needs to be in the non firearms section. I see your new, welcome.

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