WTT armalite AR7 survival 22

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by thorborg, May 8, 2013.

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  1. thorborg

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    Eariler Armalite AR 7 Explorer (not a later Henry)
    good to middlen overall condition, shoots good enough for rabbits, fed reliably till I dropped the clip now jams every so often, I'm told the feed ramp is on the magazine so likely bent and can be fixed or buy a new magazine. I took the O ring off that makes the unit waterproof because my old fingers had trouble getting it off now can't find it.
    Not sure of its value, $150. may be generous?

    Like to trade for 22, wood stocked (no plastic or laminated wood), prefer tube fed but not picky. Going to replace the AR7 with it as my truck gun for rabbits and grouse so it pretty isn't as important as shoots but but not interested in too beat up.
    no single shots.
    I beg your pardon,
    I dont think the picts worked I have to figgure out how to reduce their size I could E mail them in the meantime
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  2. Awmish

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