WTS WA: Steyr M9A1 475$ - LIKE NEW!!

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    steyr-m9a1-gnb-co2-promotion.jpg images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrdACv3qYSgIto1zCDyWqrD8ivHAzkzCo3Ie6kXz0lQZ2RtaqDjhiSx15i.jpg 208d21k.jpg

    With much reluctance I've decided to sell my Steyr M9A1. I didn't get much field time with this weapon, but during that time I had no issues with it what so ever. The gun never failed to operate and ate everything I fed it with out a hitch. This is a 2011 Generation Steyr M9A1 (Date Code PWW) . In my opinion this gun has one of the best factory out of the box triggers and the ergonomics are amazing. This would be a great gun to add to your arsenal, very reliable weapon ( It was designed by Glock's former partner in austria). The low bore axis on this gun noticeably reduces recoil allowing for more accurate followup shots. I compared this gun to its Glock counterpart (Glock19) and found that I was shooting tighter and faster groups with the Steyr. Its Trapezoid sight picture Improves target acquisition speed, absolutely love the sights. Less than 75 Rounds have been fired through the gun.

    Unfortunately with all that said... I've got another quarter of college to pay for and no time or money for the range... So somethings got to give.

    Asking price is $475 - Includes: Original Case, 2 Factory Mags, 2 Safety Keys, Steyr M9A1, Manual

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