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WTS Springfield Armory M1A National Match

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I purchased this new and had it back to Springfield in July of 1999 for a Douglas premium heavy barrel. Ron Smith of Smith Enterprise unitized the gas cylinder (welded, not screwed), reamed the GI flash hider and cleaned up the factory Springfield trigger pack. Rifle has a TRW bolt, SAI op-rod and GI ventilated handguard.

Ron had glass bedded the rifle into a beautiful walnut stock. Had a bit too much tension on it and I managed to crack it. I then put it into a USGI synthetic stock where it has lived ever since. The GI synthetic stock is a great stock and the rifle is phenomenally accurate; I've gotten it under 1MOA and I'm not that great of a shot.

I'm too fat for hi-power (what I intended the rifle for) so I scoped it and used it for some long range fun. The rifle has between 400 and 454 rounds through it (I lost count). The first 100-rounds were USGI ball to break in the barrel and the remainder Federal Gold Medal Match shooting 168gr Sierra Match Kings. Never any reloads or anything heavier than 168gr.

Price is $1700 FTF (I'm in Salem and can meet within a reasonable distance). Rifle comes with one 20-round USGI magazine and I think I've got a couple 5-round mags for it too.

An old pic of my cousin shooting it the way I had it set up (rifle does not come with scope, mount, rings or pad).
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