WTS: Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle !!! REDUCED PRICE/SCOPE/WILL SHIP !!!

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    SPF to steven

    .223 Ruger Ranch Rifle - 197 Series

    NOTE: The 197 Series have a 1:9 Twist barrel which is optimized for 62 Grain Ammo.

    I shoot USGI M885 62 Grain "Green Tip" Ammo and this rifle easily shoots 1 and 3/4 to 2 and 1/2 inch groups at 100 YDS with iron peep sights.

    When I have shot 55 Grain USGI M193 Ammo in this rifle, the groups opened up to 3-4 Inches.

    Overall Excellent Condition Safe Queen = Strong Blueing and Scratch/Dent Free Stock! Check out the pictures BELOW!!!

    Lame Plastic Factory Ruger Flip Up/Down Rear Sight replaced with precision Kensight brand Forged Peep Sight.

    I prefer peep sights over scopes on this rifle, hence the upgrade.

    Peep sights keep the weight down to true "carbine" weight and allow you to "snap shoot."

    Rifle comes with one 10 rd magazine, one set of Ruger Scope Rings, and a Bushnell 3X9X32 Duplex Reticule Scope

    $475 $470 SPF to steven

    The only trades I'm interested in right now are:

    * Winchester 9422 XTR

    Let me know what you have and we can talk!

    First unconditional "I'll Take It" to thread followed by PM gets it.

    This gun resides in Concord, CA (San Francisco Bay Area/East Bay)
    I will ship, BUT; your FFL must accept from a NON-FFL.
    Shipping Charge within CA/OR/WA = $25

    Questions? Please PM Me!

    NOTE: This rifle is CROSSPOSTED to Calguns.Net so the timestamp rule is in effect


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