WTS- Custom triggered and modded GAMO Whisper .177 1250fps

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by Irishbandit, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I'm selling my GAMO suppressed Whisper for $175 shipped in Pac NW tri-state area.

    1250 fps .177 caliber and my rifle has been broken in properly, has a newish spring, seals, lube and honed tube not to mention a CUSTOM trigger that reduces the notorious springer pull of about 6lbs to a mere 1.3 lbs. It is VERY quiet and is easily a backyard shooter. You will only hear the pellet zipping by if you stand 40yards out by the target.

    I'll throw in a tin a NEW still sealed tin of Barracuda 10.65 grain pellets which will allow you kills over 100yards (I have one kill at this distance per rangefinder). Included is a 3-9x40mm adjustable scope and rings that is zero'd for 50yards.

    While kills are possible past 50 yards, this rifle (as most .177) is more devastating under 50yrds. I have taken rabbits, racoons, squirrels and countless crows, pidgen and starlings. Under 30yrds its a beast and will literally decapitate starlings...literally.

    Price includes shipping.

    Oh I want to add...all these "springers" advertise high FPS, Gamo is no different. All say 1000 or 1250 fps but that is with PBA pellets.. which will absolutely wreck your spring and seals. I tested 9 different pellets in this rifle and chrony'd them. I found that to receive an effective FPE (14lbs+) ..enough for a humane kill AND to be accurate, are pellets over 10 grain. This rifle in particular LOVES the Barracuda 10.65 grains but I also had really good results with the Kodiak Double Gold pellets. TRUE average FPS is more in the 860 -880 range for these magnum springers.

    Just my $0.02 to keep people in reality and embarass the manufacturers making these crazy market hyped claims.
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