WTB - (McMillan G30 .300 Yukon, Alpine or Denali)

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    Hello, I am a new member and I am new to the long range shooters arena. I live in Juneau, Alaska which is the capital city of Alaska (around 33,000 people). This is truly God's country. I have traveled all over the states and have never found its equal. We have everything from Eagles, porcupine, squirrels, deer, Salmon, Halibut, Killer whales, hump back Bear, and that's just the first breath! To live in Alaska as I have since I was three years old has been a real blessing. When I was young I thought Alaska was the armpit of the universe! Then I began to do a bit of traveling & realized that we are the most beautiful state in the union. The environment is stunning, the trees and mountains surround everything & we have snow six moths of the winter and then in the summer we can lay on the beach at twelve o'clock at night getting a tan from the sun. When I say its beautiful I mean it is a post card everywhere you look! Silver mines, Gold mines, the fishing industry is always booming. Its something you really have to witness for yourself, ...and your welcome any time!

    Now, on to the reason for my post. I am trying to find a long range rifle that is in the .300 caliber, I have set my sights on the McMillan G30 .300 Yukon, Alpine or Denali because I get the impression that they are a higher quality rifle and I don't like buying the cheap stuff. I went to their website and they wanted like $6,775 or better for these little puppies! I figure there must be someone out there who has one that would be willing to part with one "used" for around ......$3,000.00 without a scope (which I already have). If there is anyone out there who has (or knows anyone who has) one I would be interested in speaking with them. I really like the .300 Mag, it seems a right fit for long distance as well as having enough punch left at the end of its travels to knock down big game. If there are other similar rifles of quality that can be had around my price range feel free to enlighten me, as I said I'm new to this and welcome input from experienced shooters.
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    Welcome Aboard :thumbup:
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    Welcome aboard...AK is truly beautiful. I have been to Anchorage in the summer...gorgeous!

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