Winchester Model 70 .300 Ultra RUM

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    I have here a Winchester Mod 70 Classic with the control round feed Sporter in the Very rare 300 Rum {Remington Ultra Mag}26" Barrel. The rifle comes with the bases and rings. This is the Express action .This rifle is in very nice shape with just a few very minor stock dings. It also has a Davidson 320 break to make it a nice shooter. This break is not ported on the bottom so that it does not kick up dust and it will help keep your sight picture while you shoot that elk/moose/deer/bear/bad guy at 700+ yards.

    Nothing in particular that I need in trade, but 38/357 revolvers are always good. I'll consider whatever you might have, but cash in oh so nice!

    (I have another listing for 36 rounds of 1x brass and 4 rounds live ammo 180gr. Core-Lokt all in the factory Remington boxes. Can add that to this rifle for $30.)



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