WINCHESTER MODEL 55 collectable sigle shot semi

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    This one if for you Winchester collectors or someone who wants a trainer rifle

    WTS WINCHESTER MODEL 55 collectable single shot semi auto hows that for a oxy moron a ''single shot semi auto'' not many made

    This also makes a good training rifle its light load one round at a time when you pull the lever to load a rd it automatically engages the safty it self ejects out the bottom some knuckle head at winchested back in the 50s thought this one up and due to lack of interrest it was short lived

    I saw one sell on gunbroker auction site for 279 plus shipping and ffl fees . this one does have rust on the outer barrel . so im asking $175 or trade towards a semi auto set up + or - $
    also looking for ammo, optics, receivers, muzzle loader or other firearms

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