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Was just chatting with a cyber buddy in fl,who had 3 teeth knocked out by a prowler in his backyard 2 nights ago.
Thinking it was a cat or something.he went unarmed,but did grab a pice of steel pipe along the way.
damned good thing he did !
perp got a broken leg and bashed face out of the deal,and a trip to jail..
buddy and his wife are now armed to the teeth in case the bad guy has friends in the area.Good for them !

btw,the cops have been back 3 times to ask questions,suire hope the good guy doesn't end up being a fall guy for defending himself .
Never a good idea to investigate a suspicious sound at night while unarmed...I've had 230 grains of thump pointed at many a raccoon, possum and kitty's. As I always say, better them than me. :gun11:
I answer my door armed...too many times I hear of people impersonating cops and go banging on your door to get in. SCREW THAT!

Your "Safe Area" is only the place that you are the most vulnerable and least suspect being a victim. Criminals have cars just like everyone else and aren't afraid to commute to your place to steel your stuff or rape your wife.
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