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    Reprinted from here:


    " I must disagree with Kevin regarding the ability of anyone to convince the voting public that anything to do with guns is acceptable or normal. I personally do not believe that it is possible to peacefully reverse the restrictions and negative image of firearms in the UK for various reasons. Let me start from first principles to outline why I have come to this conclusion.

    You must understand the nature of the Politicians, Quangos (Quasi Autonomous Non Governmental Organisations) and the Civil Service (which is neither civil or a servant but a Master). Ministers come and go and are briefed by the civil servants but it is the Civil Service which effectively runs the country.

    It is overwhelmingly Marxist/Leninist in its ethos and has been infiltrated so successfully by the left that the average citizen (or even a group of such citizens) does not even understand the rules of the game.

    Communism can be simply and easily summarised : “A group of PROFESSIONAL Revolutionaries, taking over the levers of power of a Country and running the country for their own benefit”. How will they mange this? By organisation and eliminating opposition by whatever means is necessary.

    Briefly, the left wing intent is to destroy the existing society and replace it with a society of its own design.

    Lenin proposed five conditions for successful “Revolution”, namely :

    1) The weakening or destruction of the existing State and its institutions

    2) The destruction of the existing society so that it can be replaced by the type of society required by the "new" post revolutionary society

    3) An inability of the existing institutions to govern or bring about change .

    4) The armed forces must be demoralised and rendered ineffective (including the Police).

    5) The "proletariat" must be in a mood for change.

    He also stated that Freedom and Liberty is precious and therefore must be strictly rationed. All power must be accumulated to the State and freedoms and rights will be permitted ONLY if the State allows.

    Once you understand that mindset and these principles, then you can use them as a template to see how many of the trends in society fit the pattern and “advance the cause”. The destruction of marriage, the recent posting on this blog about the way all parents are to be treated as paedophiles, the wrecking of the education system, “equality” legislation, gay and minority rights etc and so forth ad infinitum all assist one or more of the five principles. Try matching the attack to the principle.

    Interestingly, Lenin did not prescribe what form the revolution takes or how it is prosecuted. Everyone thinks of the “Revolution” as armed people storming the Winter Palace in St Petersburg (or Leningrad if your atlas is a bit older). However, he also said that ALL aspects of society should be attacked simultaneously and if an opportunity arises to spring the revolution, then it should be taken. If the communists can actually take over the Government of the day and run the country for its own use, then that is also considered as “revolution” and equally valid.

    The left wing has infiltrated and hollowed out from within just about every organisation - including the Conservative party (“Right” wing or Republican) which is “Blue Labour” – their policies and attitude is a milder version of the Left policies and attitudes. As a “for example” I will quote from Mary Ellen Synons blog “Euroseptic”:

    Tony Blair promised the British people a referendum on the European Constitution. Then, after the text was renamed the Lisbon Treaty, Blair broke that promise because he said it was no longer a constitution, it was a treaty, and he had only promised a referendum on a constitution.

    David Cameron promised the British people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Now, after the text has been signed by President Klaus of the Czech Republic, Cameron has broken that promise -- he has sent out his Tory spokesmen to say there will not be a referendum because Lisbon is not a treaty, it is now European law, and he only promised a referendum on a treaty.

    Do you spot the similarities?

    In the UK. The brothers Milliband (both professional politicians who have never had a job outside of Politics) and are the sons of Ralph Milliband, an ardent and active communist, are holders of significant power in the UK. David Milliband is Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. Edward Samuel Miliband is Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Ralph Milliband was attacked by David Horowitz in an essay called “The Road to Nowhere” and Kevin blogged this a while back.

    Examining the political credentials of the rest of the Government Ministers reveals a similar catalogue of “ex” Marxist/Leninists in significant positions of power and influence.

    A revolution? I believe it certainly is and all the conditions listed above have been very largely been achieved.

    The Daily Mail newspaper reported that Labour has deliberately encouraged “multiculturism” and unlimited mass immigration to destroy British society and forever change Britain to spite the right wing. As the newspaper concerned has not been sued by the Labour party or the Government or forced to issue a public retraction of the statement that I can only assume that it must be true.

    (See here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/a...transform-entire-make-Britain-telling-us.html


    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...laims-migrants-let-Tories-accused-racism.html for details. )

    However, there has been a deafening silence from the rest of the press and as the majority of people rely on the TV for news and the BBC (the state sponsored broadcasting organisation) in particular, very few people are aware of this.

    This addresses Point 2 above Examining the relentless attacks on marriage from a myriad of different directions (removing tax breaks for married couples, elevating the “single parent family” by favourable benefits so that it is financially more beneficial for a married couple with children to LIVE APART, the elevation of gay “Marriage” etc.) add to this.

    Constant change and bogging people down in pointless activities contributes to points 2 and 3 – Markadelphia is expert at this. Consider the amount of time that the readers of this blog have wasted in rebutting in detail his postings – while you are busy researching facts, carefully editing replies and spending your time and effort concentrating on the garbage he writes, you are not concentrating on other, perhaps much more important things. “Make the enemy do useless things” is one of Sun Tzu’s maxims. And while you are doing this, he, like a butterfly, flutters off onto another topic, equally as pointless and you respond …

    What you must bear in mind is that for a professional revolutionary, infiltrated into an organisation, IT IS THEIR FULL TIME JOB to work towards the destruction of society. Kevin, all the rest of the bloggers and I must devote our spare time to this – a revolutionary can work 8 hours a day at the office and then go home to carry on in their leisure time.

    My point is that, regardless of your arguments, no matter how detailed your research, no matter how much you can demonstrate that your point of view is reasonable, it will be ignored, dismissed and trivialised. Critical Theory so well developed by the Frankfurt school of Communism will be brought fully to bear to render your arguments invalid (“You are wrong”).

    The existing State holds the levers of power and they certainly are not going to give it up – remember, rights will be allowed if the State is convinced that it will not be harmed by the relaxation and can be withdrawn at any time.

    You might as well try to persuade by sweet reason a hungry grizzly bear to turn vegetarian and not eat you. It is not interested, its mind is made up and you are wasting your time.

    Now, having outlined the methodology of the Left and given some examples to illustrate the way that the left operates, let us examine how they have used Critical Theory in particular to shape the way firearms are viewed in the UK.

    Since 1920, the propaganda output by all the British media, both State controlled and privately owned, has been that Guns are evil. Gun “Nuts/Fanatics/Crazy” people have been (and still are) the target of all the insidious destruction of their reputation and character which the left practices so well.

    cont....... copy and paste link
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    UK nuts slobbering on about communism on some obscure blog are not must read material. Sorry.
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    Unlike the judgmental guy up above, the one with the odd fixation on everyone ELSE'S sanity (defined based on their disagreement with his opinions, as best I can tell), I think that this sentence is perfectly applicable. Even those members of the voting public who own guns themselves are frequently willing to turn on other gun owners for owning "unacceptable" firearms - e.g. "Fudds" - sometimes out of genuine belief, sometimes out of hoping that licking the appropriate boots will keep their own guns "safe."

    The number of people whose minds aren't made up are vanishingly small. And while I would agree that there is certain language that is less than thoughtful, most people are less than thoughtful and since I can't pick and choose among which parts of the Constitution I wish to support, I have to come down on the side of saying that you should not bash someone for exercising a First Amendment Right to free speech. But since such bashing is ALSO a First Amendment Right, I just advocate against it and, in the meantime....

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    Err was that joke on this part of the above post?....

    "My point is that, regardless of your arguments, no matter how detailed your research, no matter how much you can demonstrate that your point of view is reasonable, it will be ignored, dismissed and trivialised. Critical Theory so well developed by the Frankfurt school of Communism will be brought fully to bear to render your arguments invalid (“You are wrong”)."
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    Sounds suspiciously like CEF and PBP!
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    9. The "Legal & Political" section is to pertain to firearms only. There shall be no legal & political discussion and/or material outside of the "Legal & Political" section.

    There are many different people here with many different viewpoints on various issues. Like religion, discussing these issues here is highly likely to offend and very little good can come of it. We need to be focusing on the things that bring us together (firearms), not the things that have the potential to divide us (politics).

    For conservative discussion, check out NorthwestConservative.com

    For liberal discussion, check out Democratic Underground
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