What is this rifle? quick help...

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    Top of receiver has a sword crossed with another item (axe, torch?). Appears to say "cal 7.2" on the left side of receiver (may be 7.4). No other marks other than serial numbers.


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    I'm certainly no expert but looks like maybe a Spanish Mauser model 1916 short rifle.
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    Bazooka is correct; a Spanish 1916 Model short rifle, possibly 1st or 2nd pattern (based on the rear sight) and built on a 1894-95 action and rearsenaled from 7x57 mauser to the 7.62x51 CETME cartridge, which although is the same dimension as 7.62 NATO (308 Win), it is a much lower pressure round (42,000-46,000 vs 54,000-60,000 CUP) and shoots a lighter bullet 115-129 grns. I would not fire the high pressure
    308 Win or 7.62 NATO rounds, 7.62 Spanish (CETME) surplus should still be available somewhere, it will require a diligent search, or you can reload standard 308 at reduced levels. I have two Spanish mausers and I reload at the standard pressure levels for those actions (42,000-46,000 CUP).
    That is a good looking rifle you have there! Congratulations and Good Luck !!

    After further research; if it truly says 7.2? then that is the actual bullet size .284" of a 7mm mauser (or 7x57 mauser), which is what both of my Spanish mauser's are chambered in (original chambering). One of mine is very accurate 2" @ 100 yds and the other about 4" @ 100, and that is with a "half blind" guy behind the trigger! You should have it checked by a GS (gunsmith)
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