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What happened to Portland Pistol & Rifle Club?

Discussion in 'Firearm-Related Business Discussion & Reviews' started by Gaucho Gringo, Nov 28, 2008.

  1. Gaucho Gringo

    Gaucho Gringo Active Member

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    Portland, Oregon
    After 6 months of saving my money (I am on SS Disability) I was ready to go to the website and download an application form. The reason I was planning to join them was it is 12 blocks away from my house. Now the website has vanished. Anyone have any info on them? All the other gun club ranges are an hour to two hours round trip as I do not drive on the freeways. Thanks.
  2. Doc In UPlace

    Doc In UPlace Well-Known Member

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    The telephone still has an answering machine message. Doesn't sound like they are very web-savvy, Said "go online to PRPC.info" which is not even a web address.

    I think you should call and leave a message.

    Phone: 503-284-5697

    Email: mplynch@uswest.net

    This is why I make the Big Bucks as a P.I. :laugh:
  3. Curiosa

    Curiosa New Member

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    Portland, OR
    Yes, PRPC is alive and well. This is their 60th year at their present location. If you call the message line (503-284-5697) someone will get back to you fairly quickly. Because it is a private membership club the officers and helpers are all volunteers. They have a nice facility and really try to make you feel you're part of a family with everyone offering encouragement and help to new shooters.

    Their web site is down at present but is in the process of being revamped and upgraded.