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    I just found out about a new product called SteriPen, which uses UV light to kill 99% of waterbourne parasites, viruses, bacteria, and cysts. Here is their link, I wondered if anyone on this site had heard of this before, and what they thought of it. I am probably going to buy one and field test it, and when I do Ill give a report here. If anyone else has a report to give on these please do!

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    I have one - I bought the AA version (rather than the CR123) last year at Sportsman's.

    Water is one area that I have prepped on on several front's each has it's strength and weakness.

    The Steri-Pen would be great is you had to stay in the hospital or worked in public area's and drank from a water bottle. It would also be great for International travel ( but most Charcoal varieties (Bota-Water, etc - will handle 98% of what you will run into.

    It is a great in that it Handles Viruses ( which normally you need iodine or another halogen to breech the viruses shell.

    Negative's it is battery operated and is "tech" .

    I also have 2 hand held units (also AA) for hard surface's - in the event we run into a highly contagious (true pandemic). A great surface cleaner for International travel or even for just eating out - Wal-mart sells Hydrogen proxide in small spray bottle's (about 500 ml) ( they also sell small hard-plastic poly-carb travel containers ( also with small sprayers - a little bigger than hotel shampoo bottles maybe twice as large.) I took a Micro Biology class 3 years ago. Hydrogen Peroxide is highly effective and the stabilizers are inert in small quantities. - If you eat out spray your water glass and Silverware, ( McDonald's the hard surface table that employees take that grey dishcloth to the tables with or the shopping Cart handles that your kids love to chew on).

    No I am not a Germ-a-phobe.

    Sorry to Digress, back to H20.

    We walso have Katadyn Pocket Microfilter ( 13,000 Gallons) Hefty - made out of Al, about 2.5" x 9.5".

    Every house should have one of these, They are spendy about $239.

    We also have smaller portable water-bottle's with built in Charcoal filter's. ( They are good for about 26 gallons of water)

    For larger scale filtering I have about 75# of Diatomaceous earth (same stuff as the swimming pool filters use.) I can make my own charcoal to supplement. The Diatomaceous earth is also the best bet for longer term storage of Grains, the dry DE, sucks the life out of the weevils, it is also a great natural pesticide for inside and dry area's. It is food safe as well ( and inexpensive.

    Digressing again, We also have a pressure driven under the sink filter system. It is worthless in a grid down or an EMP attack ( much like the Steri-pen unless it and a charging method was protected prior).

    I also have Iodine (Lugol's solution ) and some Chlorine.

    Their are more method's depending on the method of your water storage, We are 75 feet from a creek, but I also have the ability to store water.

    People have no clue how much water we waster every day. 80% of the world lives on what we flush down the toilet (less than 5 gallons).

    Just my.02 cents.

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    Great knowledge on the subject. Thanks.

    I've read about Diatomaceous earth, but I have failed to use or store any of it. I didn't know that about the storage life on it but then again it is earth, duhh.
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    DE is Mined in Several of the Western states Oregon included.

    I bought my DE of e-bay last year and a DE Pool filter ( no pool - mainly for processing grey water before it made it to the garden. The DE in a pool filter can be used over and over as you can back flush it. I figured that if we used it as a pre-filter it would extended the lives of the more expensive smaller water filters.

    DE can be used on Pets for fleas. It can be used against ant's etc. I can be used in the garden - hen house, etc. IT is quite versatile - inexpensive and very safe. If you
    have heavy clay soil it will help it improve it.

    Here are two quick links that I found.



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