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Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by SinisterSouthpaw, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Ok, I realize this is pretty farfetched, but I am willing to trade a lefty DPMS AR-15 A2 upper with 20" barrel and attached Bushnell red dot sight DPMS lower with adjustable length of pull butt stock, hundreds of .223/5.56 cases, 55 gr. bullets and primers, some of this is in already loaded rounds and will include the ammo boxes, along with 4 Lee dies mounted on the classic type turret (FL LFC and two seaters) an OA case--Bushnell sight has to be removed to fit the rifle in it.

    I can no longer grub around picking up spent brass-- my back will not take it anymore, so I never shoot this rifle anymore. It had about 500 rounds put through it and was one of the most accurate factory barrels I have ever owned.

    I will trade straight up for a Smith and Wesson model 52 pistol in similar (98%) condition. I am not interested in selling any part of the above; it all needs to go together. Trade will have to happen in or near Centralia, WA-my driving range is restricted by MD. I have a WA CPL that matches my driver's licence, no problem with anyone copying the info or taking a picture of them and anyone I trade with will have the same ideas or no deal. I might consider selling the above for 1475.00 cash, that is, cash, subject to all the same conditions mentioned above.

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