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Want to get my youngest a taser. Need recomendations.

Discussion in 'Knives & Other Discussion' started by omenwolf, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. omenwolf

    omenwolf Oregon Active Member

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    So my youngest refuses to get her drivers licence so she takes the bus every day to college. She is a very tiny ginger maybe 90lbs wet. She isn't quite old enough to get a ccp, only 19. She has had some shady people come up to her before. So I need some peace of mind that she has something she can defend herself with. So I want to find a projectile taser that isn't crazy exsPensive.
    I'd like to keep it around 150, any recomendations?
  2. ZA_Survivalist

    ZA_Survivalist Oregon AK's all day.

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    Also get some spray. and a knife.
    Some might think its overkill but my sister just turned 22 and has yet to get her CHL I advised she carry more than just one defensive tool such as all the above mentioned.
  3. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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  4. doubletapJim

    doubletapJim Hillsboro, OR Member

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    I agree with the pepper spray route. Tasers are great when everything goes as planned. The cartridges are about $25 each and the actual Taser is in the $700 range. If you don't get a good spread with the probes it doesn't work well. If the assailant is wearing heavy close they don't work well. If one misses, which happens a lot then you need to reload it. You can also you them for a contact shock, but that's only pain compliance and not immobilizing. Taser is now making cartridges with multiple probes for 2 possible shots, but I don't know much about them. The cheap electrical stun devices you see, just don't work. They are all pain compliance and they really don't hurt that bad. You are more likely just going to piss off the assailant.
  5. jp1985

    jp1985 Linn County, Oregon Active Member

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  6. RangerEric

    RangerEric Southern Oregon, United States Active Member

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    Yep, Pepperblaster is absolutely the way to go. Can't screw it up, decent range, follow up shot, safe to carry. Had a whole mess of them in stock at Wholesale Sports in Salem yesterday.
  7. Shaolo

    Shaolo USA Active Member

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    I have yet to see a taser for less than $400. I about hit the floor when I went to price one out for my mom.
  8. LiaB

    LiaB Vancouver, WA Member

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    I'm sure you've already done this, but I would sit her down and talk to her about your concern for her safety. Then I would offer up some options and let her pick which is most comfortable for her. Otherwise, she will just leave it at home, which helps no one.

    I also suggest she find a local self defense course. The Portland Police offers a free course for women, and I'm sure there are others in Oregon. Because she is petite, she will probably be seen as an easy target, so having both mental and physical "weapons" in her arsenal will be quite helpful.
  9. iamme

    iamme Lane County Well-Known Member

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    OK I'm going to hell or something but I got distracted after "soaking wet ginger" so I'll just agree with the other posters above...
  10. phathom

    phathom Vancouver, WA Member

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    I agree with the pepper spray / taser combo. Remember, pepper spray + taser = target on fire. I'd say setting someone on fire, while they're being blinded and choked by the spray and being electrocuted will stop most people, just not zombies.

    That aside, I make sure my wife, since she refuses to carry anything at this time, (although we have talked about it) carry pepper spray and a folding gerber in the visor of her car.
  11. Unicorn

    Unicorn Seatac, WA Member

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    There is only one brand of Taser. That is the brand. The cheapest, the C2 starts at over $300. The X26C is about a grand, but comes with six cartridges, and you can get an in person training class.

    Everything else is just a stun gun. A direct contact device. If there is another brand of projectile electronic device, it's still not a Taser. I hate when people call any stun gun a taser because they are extremely different devices. It's like calling a scooter a tractor.

    There are a couple other projectile devices actually. The PhaZZer and Stinger. Both are still in the $300s and while they may be good, they haven't been proven the like the actual Taser. The PhaZZer Dragon uses the same battery as the Taser C2, and I think the same cartridges as the X26/X26C/M26/M26C.
    The Stinger may be a little safer on the person it's used on, but I don't know of any studies beyond the original a couple years ago.

    They aren't non-lethal, they are less-lethal. A long shock can cause a heart problem. Something about the device pacing the heart... acting like a pacemaker... and causing over 300 beats per minute. Don't attack little girls and you won't have a problem though right.