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Seems like an absolute steal, lowest price of all time. Apologies in advance if it sells out fast
Deal already expired. Apology accepted. 🤣

I picked up a pair last month when they dropped to just under $30... and that was money very well spent. The only drawback with them is that sound is not directional, but the mics are highly sensitive, clear and great noise clamping.
I was able to get one at $20…don't use the app and use the link, it let me order at the $20 while the app was at $35
Can you post the link you're speaking of? On a laptop there is no "app". The OP link goes to the prepping deals page and there is a 'get deal' link that takes you to the amazon listing. Which goes to the current $35 price.

Tracking for today shows the deal ended around 1pm.

The Prepping Deals site/app often has one or two items like this that expire quickly - probably because Amazon has a limited # on sale and they go quickly.
yeah i noticed that too. also probably cause there's so many members of the telegram group buying it up immediately
Back up to $20 now.... I'll take it.

Thank, folks!!

One thing I really appreciate about these things... they run on good old replaceable batteries. If spare ears happen to sit for awhile the don't 'go bad' and you're not limited by having to have a constant recharging source. Fine if all you do is shoot at the range and go home every night, but a real PITA for extending camping/hunting trips. đź‘Ť
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