WA Unemployment?

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    If you file for UE and are still getting paychecks from her work (for disability) they will subtract that from UE payments, ie:no double dipping policy.
    Good luck and hope she finds work soon.
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    I use Oregon Unemployment from time to time depending on the work load and I have been working for the same company for about 27 years now and it has its slow times and the really busy times.

    My two cents, if you meet the guidelines then go for it. They will ask if you worked last week? - nope. Did you get paid for last week? - nope. Did you look for work last week? - yep. Etc...

    You will need to do a waiting week, (if WA has a waiting week like OR) were you will not get paid. Not sure how WA state would see it but I would almost think that the disability would be separate issue.

    Help for Claims
    Claim a week of Benefits - Step 3 of 5. (I don't see any question asking about disability. My vote is to go for it.)
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    Well the bad thing is she was on disability and probably wont be eligible for UEI or since she didn't work much she won't get much.
    Now the other side of the story is why didn't you set yourself up for this? Why weren't the bills taken care of before having the baby?
    Just a responsibility question.
    Main reason I left my second wife,she couldn't understand the concept of we might only have 1 income and we need to cut the bills down so one of us could pay the bills if "life happened"

    For us,there wasn't much we would have had to wait but a couple months to buy if we were patient.Except a house,what is so important that you need to make payments on it?
    Couldn't you save a large down payment for that car?
    Get a lesser car?
    Smaller house?

    We as a nation have put ourselves in a position that we can never get out of without default
    And if you look at you contracts,they are all set up for you to default if you need to.

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    Disability for having a baby? Am I confused? I am not quite understanding the whole issue.

    Think of it as a big jerk around, companies do not like you when you use the perks that are offered. It costs them more money. Oh its nice to have them though, CASH is King.

    Companies that are offering a bunch of fluff perks and benefits in lieu of pay are not worth their salt.

    I would cut my losses and move forward with life, next boss please.
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    Yes, disability for pregnancy and birth is certainly available. Follow the link below.

    She might be covered under the Family Leave laws. My wife has been off work for over 1½ years now due to health issues and the law has protected her during part of that time. The Family Leave act allows a woman or man to be off work for up to 12 weeks and receive all pay and benefits as if she was still working. There is also a Federal law on it but the WA law is actually better for pregnancy.

    Washington State Family Leave Act

    Don't know if it's any help in your case though.

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