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Looking for a nice Marlin Model 62 in .256 Win. Mag. to go with my Ruger Hawkeye, T/C Contender, Falling Block Works rifle, and Universal Ferret. Yes I have the .256 bug.:) Cash available or a fairly long list of trades with cash either way as appropriate;

Remington VSSF in .22-250
Remington BDL .22-250 with Banner scope
Remington 1917 Sporterized .30-06.
Springfield '03 Mark I
Smith-Corona '03-A3. Treated poorly, but shoots!!
OLD!! Browning A5 12 gauge. Like pre-US import old, 1904, probably originally sold in Britain
L.C. Smith 16 gauge SXS, 1919, damascus, possibly nickel-plated originally*, field grade
Pedersoli rolling-block .50BP. Copy of Remington rolling block except a nipple instead of a chamber.
Colt SP-1 from 1977.
Winchester 69A
Winchester Model 94, .30WCF, Eastern carbine, 1918
Ruger Super Blackhawks, one stainless 5 1/2" barrel in the box, one blued 7 1/2" barrel, no box
J.C. Higgins Model 80 .22 pistol. Made by Hi Standard, with original J.C. Higgins-marked holster.

* There are definite remnants of the plating. Some sources say there were no plated guns, others say there was. I don't know. If it was plated later, it was done before about 1950 because I know the history of the gun since then.

The three Remingtons, Pedersoli, Colt, Rugers and J.C. Higgins are all in excellent condition. The others, well, they are old guns. All functional, just not as pretty as they used to be.
If something is of interest I can get pictures to you.

Thanks for Looking!!
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