WTS OR Vortex spitfire 3x prism

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    Vortex spitfire 3x prism scope comes with factory box and flip-up lens caps. Illuminated reticle allows for green or red illumination. Used for one range trip. Detailed photos will be uploaded. $250. PM me if u have any questions. Thanks! Comes with vortex’s transferable no questions asked warranty of course.
    Not looking for trades on this one.

    4E982E9E-784F-4C39-B47D-C32803D099C8.jpeg A28C7929-DB72-4B8D-A5ED-D7BBFF3F74FF.jpeg 1095CCA8-5B23-41B0-9507-F49A826055C3.jpeg 8F572C01-2D8C-4626-B31C-DF482BF3D7C0.jpeg BA3C3FF7-7148-4D52-B253-6A7447214115.jpeg 0DE8F98F-A282-44B8-A38C-BFB00B758629.jpeg
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