un fired Ruger Charger with ammo and extras FS/FT

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  1. imhear

    portland oregon

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    Brand new un fired ruger charger comes with 1 10 round mag,2 25 round mags,1 32 round mag,1 100 round drum mag,500 rounds of factory ammo
    650.00 cash or trade

    trade im looking for but not limited to
    looking for cals 9mm,45,10mm,762x39,5.56 nato.308.
    FN57, HK, SIG, PARA ordnance, Draco, Draco mini, zestiva ak pistol,
    ar 15 pistol,1911's, beretta, uzi, Springfield, a 308 sporter,make a offer
    im not looking for wheel guns shot guns or hunting rifles
    mostly interested in tactical weapons or ccw pistols
    also interested in gold mining equipment, dredge, suction pump, generators,
    gold coins/jewelry, metal detector, or big bags of that exploding target mix not tanerite te other stuff thx
    if you got cash give me a call
    503 735 1069


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