WTS/WTT WA Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44

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    This thing is a beast...

    It shoots fire and brimstone and a lot of smoke, so much so that I couldnt even chrono it...

    However, I am looking for more... selling this to get myself a Howdah.

    This gun has been to the range one time. Gun has been disassembled and cleaned twice. Once when new and once after the range trip.

    Dont get me wrong, this is no mouse gun nor a piece for the faint of heart. Manageable recoil and your target disappears in a mist of smoke...


    Uberti 3rd Model Dragoon .44cal

    7.5" Barrel. Frame and other parts are case hardened, the rest is blued. Very nice looking gun.

    Will come with original box plus a handful of .44cal balls, some caps and a can of powder...

    Face to face meet on this one and there is NO FFL required for black powder guns.
    Located in Vancouver, can meet in Portland area too.


    Trade towards a .58cal or 20ga Howdah pistol.
    might also do a trade for a nice 12ga or a .357mag something

    20190210_225113.jpg 20190210_225134.jpg 20190210_225145.jpg 20190210_225208.jpg 20190210_225217.jpg 20190210_225225 (1).jpg 20190210_225326.jpg 20190210_231919.jpg 20190210_231939.jpg 20190210_231949.jpg 20190210_232222.jpg
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    These are a blast ( pun intended ) to own and shoot.
    Beautiful revolver...good luck with your sale...!

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