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Two 1911's - Springfield TRP and Lightweight Champion Operator

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by replicant, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. replicant

    replicant Maple Valley Active Member

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    These are both great guns that have served well but I am more interested in 1911's with a barrel bushing so I am putting these up for trade.

    The TRP has the 3/4 rail, comes with Trijicon night sights, original box, manual and Springfield gear and two magazines. I have a Dawson Precision "tool-less" guide rod installed and also the original guide rod. Approximately 100 rds fired.

    The LWCO also has a rail and Trijicon night sights but I no longer have the box or manual. It comes with two magazines and two sets of grips, Hogue rubber and Wilson Combat, as well as a Desantis OWB leather holster. Approximately 300 rds fired.

    I also have a few extra Chip McCormick mags I can include in a trade for either pistol.

    Here are a few things I am looking for in trade (+/- cash):

    Quality USA made 1911's in 10mm or 45ACP, eg. Colt, Dan Wesson
    I'd particularly like to trade the LWCO for a Colt Commander
    Colt Python or King Cobra
    West German or German made Sig P226 or P228
    Sig P229 in 357 Sig (DA/SA only)
    S&W 686 (Pre-lock)
    Colt LE6920 SOCOM or LE6940
    Left-handed Rock River Operator
    Quality AR in 6.8 or 7.62x51
    AR upper in 300 blackout
    Pre-ban MAK-90

    I'm in Maple Valley and can travel about 30 miles. I'd like to see a WA DL and CPL or other proof you are legal to own a firearm.


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  2. TacticalMark

    TacticalMark Seattle Member

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  3. BigNickShooting

    BigNickShooting Centralia, WA Active Member

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    PM sent
  4. Jarhead0093

    Jarhead0093 Sandy Active Member

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    Is there a chance you still have the LWCO?
  5. replicant

    replicant Maple Valley Active Member

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    LWCO is traded. TRP went back in the sock drawer. thread.closed
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