WTS WA Trijicon MRO w/ARD and Bobro Low Mount

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    Bought the Trijicon new. Mounted it on the Bobro mount and installed the ARD. It's never been to the range. Thought I'd have it all ready for mounting on my next pistol build but my priority has changed since then. I have two more oif these that are mounted and used on a consistent basis so I can tell you from experience that these are fantastic dot sights.

    I believe it is actually the Bobro MRO low mount. They have three heights. Low mount, Lower 1/3 co-witness and full co-witness. My mount appears to be the low mount. They manufacture spacers for these so I would presume that one could order the spacers to accommodate their preferred height.

    Bobro Website link to MRO mounts:

    Bobro Engineering | Browse

    PM for interest, offers or more details. I'm in Everett but willing to ship on my dime.

    PRICE: $400

    Here is a link to the MRO on Trijicon's website:

    Trijicon MRO®

    Pictures of the actual MRO, ARD and Bobro mount I'm selling:



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