*TRADED* LNIB S&W 686 Plus Talo Edition

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Chipperxd, Jul 5, 2012.

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    ************GONE TRADED*****************
    Hello again all,

    This revolver was listed here for sale but I keep changing my mind and decided to keep it...:bluelaugh:

    It is now once again up for sale/trade. I don't have any recent pictures but this is what it looks like before it was polished.


    Sale price is set at 650.00 FIRM. If I want to sell it for less, I will lower it so please don't ask if I will take anything less.

    The revolver is a 7 shot (.357/.38), 3 inch barrel, UNFLUTED cylinder with adjustable rear target sight and removable blade up front. The revolver has exactly 50 rounds through it to function test. Locks up tight and has a great trigger. The revolver has been polished to a mirror finish using PlayboyPenguin/YankeeMarshall's Youtube videos using a wheel polish compound.

    The revolver will come with all original box and paperwork, including an extra Hogue grip (the stock wood grip was too skinny for my hands). I can throw in some factory ammo in HP and ball (not sure how many rounds exactly but around 70 rounds.

    P226 9mm
    SA Mil Spec 1911 - stainless preferred
    AR pistol in any caliber, 9mm or 45 preferred but will consider the .223/5.56 as well.
    Not interested in revolvers, old military surplus or bolt action rifles.

    FTF in Seattle WA area. Willing to drive up to 30 minutes for a meet up. WA DL and CPL required for my records only (Bill of Sale).

    PM me here if you are interested.


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