TRADE NIB Win 1886 45 70 High Grade Super Light 4 M1-A AR- 308 Saiga 12 Custom

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    Looking to trade strait across I have a NIB = new in the box , unfired with no handling marks Winchester 45-70 custom engraved super light.

    The only thing I have ever done is put ammo in it and rack it thru to feel the feed, and test the action ( never been shot it )

    The box is in excellent condition too.

    Been sitting in the safe for about 5 years, only taken out to oil and gawk at, lol.

    Comes with a brand new top grain leather smooth light brown hard ammo belt carry box, with loops inside to hold each shell, and a button flap to keep the weather out some what reminiscent of the 1800's Cavalry belt carrier only they were black and this is light brown, also comes with a box of Hornady Lever-Evolution ammo.

    The wood is 'dark' the finish is high gloss, if You want more photos even of the box and the ammo belt box I wil be happy to send them to You.

    Valued at $1,400 any day of the week, and $1000 on the street corner if I were a crack addict, lol

    Trade it for one of these three:

    1) A Springfield Armory M1-A in composite / plastic stock green or black ( sorry no wood 'unless' it is custom walnut with lots of grain ) I have no need for the fancy scope on it as this is a strait across trade , or if it's a cheep scope I have no need for that either .

    2) AR in 308 , (308 / 7.62 only ) in black or green ( not camo and not desert brown) I don't need any fancy ACOG or EOTECH after market goodies cause I don't want to pay cash in any way . I prefer a flat top for mounting a scope, prefer a heavy barrel but not necessary, prefer a 3lb or lighter single stage trigger but not necessary.

    3) Saiga 12 'custom' ( not a stock Saiga in any way shape or form ) What I mean by custom is ,> new trigger group, polished bolt, extended mag release, after market furniture , picatiny rail mounting , muzzle brake , or perhaps a high end American made hi cap drum or a stack of US Made hi cap mag's ,.... You worked out all the jamming & stove pipe problems at the ranger and ready to rock.

    Any 1 of those 3 used weapons must be in almost mint condition,97 % NRA or better.

    I have NO interest in any other type of weapons

    The photos were taken 5 years ago at the time I bought it, any specs are tiny dots of styrofom from the box that has static cling, and or a finger print smugde, if You want I will take new photos and send them right way.

    I am in Ashland on the Oregon border, I work in Medford and so if You are up north then we can go thru a dealer transfer if you want , or I can drive as far as Roseburg to trade face to face.

    if we meet then make sure You are at least 21 and You have a valid Oregon drivers license on You or no deal. ( just like Me )

    Thank You for taking the time to read my ad.





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    Well maybe? Trade a Winchester 101 20 ga.

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