WTT OR Trade g29 lwd 10mm 4.6 for g29 9x25 dillon 4.6 ported

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    I have an extra 4.6inch 10mm lone wolf barrel for my Glock 29 that I'm willing to trade for a 9x25 4.6inch ported barrel for my Glock 29 to round out my collection. They both run $94.95 plus shipping on lwd's web site. Mine is lightly used. I've only put around 200 rounds through it in the last three years I've had it. I've shot more .357 Sig in my g29 than anything else. That's an addictive round. I'm also willing to trade for a similar 9x25 from EFK, etc. I live in the Portland area. If you are interested in trading, let me know. My e-mail is: TheGameMaster@HotMail.Com. I work rotating shifts, so that is the best way to get a hold of me.


    P.S. If this goes through, I'll be in the market for a 9x25 forming die...

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