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Which next revolver?

  • BFR in .30⧸30 WCF

    Votes: 14 18.4%
  • Schofield in .38 Special

    Votes: 52 68.4%
  • Interesting, may I offer a different option, in the same vein ...

    Votes: 8 10.5%
  • Revolvers ain't tacticool. U need a Har Pernt with laser sight and big clip. 4 realz.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • (gasp!) IDK if those have shoulder things that go up, but I just crapped myself in my safe space!

    Votes: 2 2.6%

  • Total voters
Not going to bother deny it; in years past I would have jumped on one due to the wacky nature of said and the era in which it was produced. Now, nope, but still silly goodness. :s0155:


MBA GyroJet, without a doubt. And the extremely rare rocket ammo (projectiles that speed up instead of slow down) are not all that much more than std rounds these days. OK, I may be kidding there.

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 8.10.10 PM.png

No, this was not the gun that inspired Elton John to write "Rocket man" - I think that was about his boyfriend.
I have three revolvers in 460 S&W. I absolutely cannot help but get a big ol sh!t eating grin on me every time I shoot one. Ringing a gong on a rifle range at 200 yards with an 8" barreled pistol is way more fun than it should be.

So BFR 30/30. Final answer!



Wait! Someone, somewhere, is machining up a .50 BMG revolver. Worth waiting for! Already been done? OK then, a 20mm revolver, but it might be classed as a destructive to the shooter device.
These are two that have been "back burnered" for a loooooong time. But I've sold off some guns, and have another automatic on the chopping block, so circling back.

Option One: BFR in .30⧸30 WCF
View attachment 812366

Why? It seems quite corking to go so gonzo.
No, really, why? No, gonzo is the reason why. Well, they seem like very nicely made wheelguns and an interesting evolution in the single-action design. And I like shooting wheelguns and I have to imagine shooting metallic silhouettes with one will be hilarious. I've got a decent amount of .3030 put aside to feed a Winchester 94. (There is next to zero chance I'll get back to big game hunting any time soon, but who knows what the coming years will bring, and handgun hunting is interesting. Never say never.)

Option Two: Schofield in .38 Special
View attachment 812367

Why? I like classic guns and have an endlessly reoccurring fascination with top-break revolvers for reasons I never have and likely never will understand.
No, really, why? Eh, that covered it. Looks like a fun plinker and I've got a buttload of .38 Special ammo to burn up.

Price-wise is irrelevant as they are both floating around a grand, give or take.

Anyway, I am not set yet, but figured kick it around. :s0155:
I had never seen one like the Schofield until the last Indiana Jones film, when he wanted to shoot down the plane while he and his pops were on the beach...
Granted that may have not been the same brand/gun but it worked the same (top-break)


I'll admit I'm not a huge fan of either. The BFR is too big and goofy looking. With that short barrel, there go your ballistics but WOOWEE what a fireball. The Scofield I like with the exception of chambering. I just don't like .38s on principal because with modern materials, it's not difficult to make them .357 capable but for whatever reason we just choose not to. Sometimes it's the little things that make or break a deal.

Given your wants though, I'll vote Schofield
BFR personally. Just looks like a big honkin chunk of fun. Ive been wanting one for a while now. Just a little more money than I can justify, so I bought this little guy to satisfy the urge. NAA Mini Master with 22lr and 22 mag barrels.

I had never seen one like the Schofield until the last Indiana Jones film, when he wanted to shoot down the plane while he and his pops were on the beach...
Granted that may have not been the same brand/gun but it worked the same (top-break)
I know the scene you referenced. That was actually a British Webley in .455. Unlike the Scofield, the revolver is double-action.
The Blackhawk in .30 Carbine looks neat-o and I still have a quantity of said ammo left over from an M1 clone that was dumped because it never worked. But I've pretty much lost all interest in firearms, shooting, etc., these days, so not making new acquisitions. (In fact, quite the opposite with dumping parts of the collection at times.)


I want to know the recoil of the 30/30 pistol.
You could even reload those with black powder, or equivalent, think of the fireball.
Back in the day I had a Thompson Contender with four calibres. I had the usual .44Mag, of course, but in addition to that I had .45ACP and the daddy - .45-70 Govt.

The barrel for that had a JSK [?] multi-port muzzle brake, which was nothing less that THE most horrendous noise-spreader I've ever fired in a handgun. Taking if off made shooting slightly less comfortable from the recoil POV, but not enough to really matter. Everybody around liked it better though...

One day my pal Rod turned up with his thutty-thutty, so we swapped a few shots.

One round of thutty-thutty was enough for me, and I've been shooting since I was six, beginning with my dad's M1911. He thought that the 300gr .44Mag was quite calm by comparison, and fired around twenty of my precious reloads to prove it.
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