Thigh rig for MKIII 22/45 Lite w/suppressor

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    I have put together a GREAT thigh rig for my new MKIII 22/45 Lite and SS Sparrow. You will see a Black Dog (low belt loop) holster with a nylon spacer in the lower tension screw slot to make room for the SS Sparrow and the Quick Release 2 inch nylon work belt ($3.97 at Home Depot) modified to make a thigh or drop leg assembly.

    Take the nylon spacer and cut to length with a hack saw and replace factory screws for 2 inch #8 by 32 screws. I used a 12 ga. shotgun screw in choke tube to seperate the holster at the lower tension screw location which was enough to allow the SS Sparrow to slide down the barrel channel of the holster. I then measured the outside diameter of the choke tube and cut the nylon spacer the same length. I placed the spacer where the rubber factory spacer was and replaced the factory tension screws with longer screws. THe top tension screw is tightened enough to let the holster snap around the trigger guard og the pistol. There is no "rattle" and the pistol draws out with ease but is locked securely in place. You will love this set up.

    I removed the removable hardware from the nylon work belt and fed the belt through the belt loops of the holster. I then put the hardware back on and adjusted the length to fit securely but not too tightly aroung my upper thigh. The excess 2" belt was cut off and edges touched with a lighter. I then wraped the excess belt around the belt going thru the belt loop and stitched it on. Putting the holster on my leg and attaching the thigh strap, I ran the stitched on excess belt up under my pant belt, folded it over my pant belt and adjusted the length of drop untill it was tight but comfortable. I then stitched the 2" loop to make a belt loop.

    This drop leg thigh rig is comfortable and does not allow the holster or gun to move while walking and I can draw my pistol w/SS Sparrow attached with lightening speed and ease. I searched the web over for a rig and there is none for our beloved MKIII 22/45 Lite w/suppressor and (soon to be) red dot optics. The holster, nylon spacer, two screws, 2" work belt, and stitching will cost you less than $60.00 total and you have not modified your Black Dog holster but have ruined a perfectly good $3.95 2" nylon HD work belt should you decide to take it off your holster (God knows why). I love this rig and it really does work well. The work belt is thick enough to last a lifetime and will not fold in the holster belt loops with the pistol holstered and hanging off your hip. The rig will not pull your pant belt down and the thigh strap will not be uncomfortable. I tightened up the belt (thigh strap) just enough for the rig to be stable and this stays very comfortable. There is no rise in the holster when drawing the pistol and no restrictions in movement or discomfort in the crotch area. I highly recommend this set up.

    Good shooting, bob

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