the "not so fun times" with "heritage" 22/22m

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    i picked up a heritage 22/22m here last week, and though it's mfr. date is in the late 90's, the mag "wheel" had never been used ! well we went up to our local shooting area here in p-ville . my wife just had to un-load about 100 rnds out of her new G-19, my son was into the "AK", and i was into my new (to me) "heritage" ! after shooting about 50 rnds of 22 lr through it, i decided to try my mag wheel ! first go around went smooth, with good accuracy (for me anyway) at 20 ft. reloaded the mag., and took my 1st shot, and my son yelled "OUCH", now he was standing 5 ft away & approx. 2 to 3 ft behind me, to left side . now my wife, and i take a look at him, and he has a chunk of shrapnel stuck in his cheek (of course it's black, and about 1/8 x 1/4, and thin, so it's hard to tell were it came from...i pull the cyl., and check it over, and see nothing ! i slide a 22 bore brush down brl., and it lines up super with cyl. ! so i take 2nd shot, and this time, really not good ..... i take shrapnel in my thumb & index finger (4 pcs. in thb. & 2 pcs. in fng.) thats it .....gun goes back in box, untill i can have it checked out by "smith"...after further insp. i find the nickle plt. has broke loose on cyl. not a good thing, and as i write the comp., they say sorry, and thats it !! (and people give me crap about my hi-point trk. gun)
    heres a couple of shakey pics...

    Shot at 2012-07-01 heritage2222mag001.jpg
    Shot at 2012-07-01 heritage2222mag004.jpg
    Shot at 2012-07-01
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    Wow that is scary. It is fortunate that no one was seriously hurt.

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