The IJ70-17a(380 acp)

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    This is a Russian Makarov chambered for the 380acp. I purchased this gun from my oldest brother for 40.00. It had came with out the Safety and firing pin(why they were missing I do not know). He picked it up for free from guy who owed my brother money. A little under a year later, I ordered the parts from for 24.90+5.35shipping=70.25 total investment, I had ordered the parts 4/17/12 they came in on 4/20/12.

    The parts came in pretty dirty, and the firing pin had a slight amount of surface rust on it but a little hoppies #9, a bore brush and with a little care the rust came off without any damage. The safety had a little rough machine marks on it, so I set out smoothing up any rough edges with out changing any angles. The parts went in with out any fuss.
    I've included a picture of the bore just to show the quality condition.
    Does any one know of a good load for the 380? They can either be factory or home rolls.



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    I got mine for $165 about 15 years ago at a Las Vegas gunshop. It is a great little pistol; accurate and reliable. I have yet to find any ammo that it will not shoot well. I have put a lot of Fiocchi and S&B FMJ and hollowpoints through it, and a lot of reloaded FMJ, as well as a few lead bullet reloads. I have also fired some Corbon/Glaser Pow'R Ball through it, which is what I keep in it.

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