WTT WA The coveted W. German SIG 228, hoping to trade w/ a FFL dealer.

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by Boss, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Greetings all,

    As the title says, I'm hoping to trade with an FFL dealer for a NIB pistol (see below). I have an excellent++ KE (1994) West German Sig 228. To sweeten the pot, I'm adding both a ZT0560 Blackwash and a ZT0566 to the package.

    I purchased the 228 off Gunbroker about 8 years ago from (IIRC) a FFL holder. I wound up putting it in the safe and never fired it. It comes with the case, manual, test target, registration card, trigger guard tag, and even cardboard sleeve with a matching serial number label affixed that was around the case. The only thing is that when it came to me, the second mag was some no-name brand that I have replaced with a proper correct OEM Sig 228 Mag. The second mag does show a hint more insertion/handling wear, and has probably had a few rounds through it. Easily rectified if you're a serious collector.

    Overall, as I say, I never fired it, and if it was fired at all before it got to me (other than at the factory) it would appear to have been very, very few rounds. It has been shipped/handled/cycled, etc. So there is a very little bit of cosmetic wear here and there (you can see a little rubbing to the cocking serrations in the photo and there's some other little cosmetic blemishes as well). It's not fit for a white-glove-handling-only Smithsonian exhibition, but other than that, its a very nice example of a West German 228, and in excellent shape for a 20 year old pistol. Also, it has factory SigLites that are on the dim side.

    Other than a very, very small amount of very light rubbing on the 0566's pocket clip, the ZT's are 'as new' with boxes and what appear to be factory edges.

    Photos and additional details are available to seriously interest parties.

    If I swing for the fences, I am looking to trade with a FFL dealer for a NIB Springfield Armory TRP Railed Operator. This is the model with the bull barrel, buried adjustable night sights and Armory Coat finish. Second choices would include a HK45 or a SIG 220ST Match Elite (All stainless, 5" barrel, Adj. sights). The ZT's may or may not come in on a deal with the second choices.

    If I can't find a trade, I may consider selling the package for cash down the road, but would prefer to keep life simple and just trade straight across.

    Email is my profile. And I reserve the right to withdraw at any time prior to agreeing to a deal.

    Thanks for looking.

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