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    For sale today I have an immaculate Browning A-500G (G, for gas operated, not to be confused with the much less comfortable to use R- recoil operated model) 12-guage semi-automatic shotgun. The bluing and woodwork are nearly perfect, with only tiny scratches on the metal, only visible under close scrutiny, and a small chip in the wood near the top of the stock. This was given to me, so I'm not entirely sure how many rounds have been through it, but I have only fired around 200 rounds, and it is as far as I can tell extremely well maintained and highly mechanically sound.

    It is chambered for 3" shells, has a capacity of 4+1, is equipped with a recoil pad, and has a magazine cut-off switch for blocking shells from being loaded into the breech from the magazine. The trigger is incredibly short, light, and crisp, and the recoil is very smooth and manageable, even in rapid fire. Truly a joy to shoot, perfect for hunting or skeet.

    It comes with a padded rifle bag, factory Mod, 1/4 Improved Cylinder, and Full Chokes, 125rds of Winchester Super X Game Loads, 50rds Federal Hi-Brass Classic Steel, 25rds Federal Hi-Brass Premium Copper Plated, 25rds Federal Upland Load, 25rds Remington Nitro Steel Magnum, and 66rds assorted of the above in a Flambeau 100rd capacity plastic Shell-box. Please note that some of the 66 assorted rounds are somewhat corroded.

    Also please note that the spring retention cap in the magazine is missing, so care must be taken when removing the end cap so that the magazine spring does not fly away. Also, I believe these usually come with a magazine limiter, but I do not have one. Both of these may be ordered from Browning at minimal cost.

    I would put the value somewhere around 600$. However, that is just a ballpark estimate, and I am open to all reasonable offers. I am somewhat interested in trades, though nothing specifically comes to mind. Send an offer, the worst I can say is no






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