Taylor Swift Concert - 2 Tickets - 8/30 Moda Center

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    My wife bought 2 tickets to the Taylor Swift concert knowing, but in denial, that it wasn't realistic for her and our daughter to go, and as the time gets closer she finally realizes that I was right all along. (Hey it's a rare victory to be right, let me bask in it when I can!) We tried shopping them around to friends and family and everyone is short on time and/or money. So my wife asked me to list them here.

    Here's the info I have on the seats,
    Level Section Row Seat(s)
    ----- ------- ----- ----------
    200 227 B 1-2

    She paid $202 for them, but I'm not going to hold anyone's feet to the fire over those last $2, I can settle for an even $200.

    As far as trades go I am only interested in firearm related items. At the moment the only things that are coming to mind that I'm interested in might be a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 in 9mm (I'll add cash) or a 12ga OU, but if you have something else interesting just PM me the worst I'll say is no.

    I can meet in the vicinity of Hillsboro or Forest Grove.
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