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Taurus 1911 stainless steel. Ambi safety, Heine Sights, beavertail safety, pretty nice trigger, etc. Accuracy was pretty good when I shot it prior to sending it in for repair.

I had FTE and FTF issues when I first went to shoot it, so I sent it back to Taurus, and they fixed it and sent it back (turn around time was about a week :s0155: and they paid shipping too!). Pretty happy with how they handled the warranty repair. Taurus has a lifetime warranty BTW.

I'm including the pistol, case, leather OWB holster as shown in the photos, and 3 magazines, 2 Taurus (8rnd) and 1 USGI type (7rnd). 1 of the Taurus mags was repaired by Taurus, as it had a tweaked feed lip.

I am asking $550 for the setup. Trade interest includes Glocks and CZ-75's. I'm missing my old Glock 34. Also interested in shotguns.

Finish is pretty good, not perfect. There were some scratches in the finish when I got it that I was able to buff out.
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