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I have a few guns plingers 1 hunting and a few shotguns its about time i got myself a nice target gun. Im looking for a semi auto and im realy liking what i see in cdnn's catalog i like there target mini 14 thats for $699. wondering what you all have and like about the gun and the target gun of your dreams.:confused:
Factory mini 14 is no target gun.
They are better than the non target, but still, not a target gun.
You want a mini target gun, buy a mini as cheap as you can, and send it to accuracy systems inc.
As much as I love my minis, they are NOT all that accurate.
wondering what you all have and like about the gun and the target gun of your dreams.:confused:

I finally broke down and purchased a Ruger NRA Edition Mini 14 a couple of years ago. The gun shipped with 2, 20 round magazines, which was a big plus. For years Ruger would not sell 20 round Hi-Caps to the public. But that's another argument for another day.

If it is a true target rifle you are interested in getting, forget the Mini 14 in any or all of it's forms. They are a great functioning little rifle, but by no means a target grade weapon. If your heart is set on a semi auto I would suggest either a nice AR-15 Varminter type rifle, or else a Springfield Armory M1-A in one of it's many configurations. Both will serve you much better, and be far more accurate than a Mini 14. Bill T.


I have owned 3 different Mini-14's ranch rifle. Did not find them that accurate. ARs are easily capable of half minute groups with good ammo. I have found that proper brake in and cleaning the bore properly is imperative. Cleaning from the breach patches go one way only. And using JB bore paste to break in and every thousand rounds or so. I have consistent .5 inch groups @ 100 yards with several different 20 inch match AR barrels. Longer barrels I have used work well too. Some people think the 20 inch length is optimum because of the shorter amount of time the bullet is in the bore compared to longer varmint barrels. I do not really agree with this but it is an interesting theory. The floating of the front hand guard of the AR is one of the most accuracy enhancing modifications.
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