TAD Ranger Hoodie: $160: SOLD

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    This MIGHT be the best tactical jacket in the world: Ranger Hoodie. If you don't believe me, search google for reviews. Since I already own one Ranger Hoodie in coyote, I've decided to sell my second Hoodie because it tends to sit in my closet. Mine is a size L in Loden Green Large - No Patch. I've hardly worn it, it looks like new, and I'm a non-smoker.

    This is seriously my favorite piece of tactical clothing and I've worn my other Ranger Hoodie in various hot spots around the world that I've deployed to. The warmth, design, and pocket layout is fantastic.

    New these are $235. My price is $160 shipped in the USA. PM me for payment details and my contact info. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and you're welcome to stop by to take a look in person. No trades at this time...thanks for looking!


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