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This rifle intrigues me, but I'm struggling to find a reference to the Swedes converting any guns to 7mm Mauser for the Danes or anyone else. Do you mind sharing where you got your info on that? Thanks!
I'm pretty sure I read it in "Neutrality Through Marksmanship" by Doug Bowser back when we were both participants in the rec.guns USENET forum in the mid-1990's, but I can't be certain. I'll dig around and see if I can find the reference but the story was that when they re-chambered them they blued the magazine follower so you could tell at a glance. I'll also tear the rifle down and see if I can find any Danish marks on it.
Okay, I tore her down tonight and made a few measurements too.
First I did a sanity check and measured the barrel:
7.33 mm groove-to-groove at the muzzle
7.05 mm land-to-land at the muzzle
1 turn in ~9.5" twist
So it's definitely a 7mm barrel.

The bolt and bolt face dimensions seem to be identical to another m/94-14 bolt I have. That rifle is chambered for 6.5 x 55 Swedish and this finding isn't surprising because the base diameter of the 6.5 Swedish cartridge is only 0.1mm different and larger than the base of the 7mm Mauser cartridge, so no modification to the bolt would be necessary.

There are no non-Swedish marks anywhere on the rifle that I can see. The only unusual visible feature is the blued follower. The serial numbers on the receiver, the stock, trigger group, and barrel all match. One interesting thing is the presence of a "Crowned S" mark on the underside of the barrel. Per various websites, including this one:
markings on swedish mauser rifles
this indicates that the barrel was replaced at the Swedish Army's Stockholms Tygstation armory in Stockholm, Sweden.

While it is possible that the rifle was re-bored and re-chambered later in life, there's no visible evidence at the muzzle or looking down the receiver at the chamber. The fact that the barrel serial number matches the receiver and that it was replaced at the armory would be consistent with the theory that the rifle was fitted with the 7mm barrel by the Swedish Army. However, I've struck out trying to find any reference to the Danes contracting for m/94 rifles in 7mm Mauser.

I guess the bottom line is that there's some evidence on the rifle itself suggesting that the Swedish Army converted this rifle to 7mm Mauser but it's not definitive. Hope this helps.
Thanks for the pointer, Mike. I perused the Swede forum at and found four relevant threads:
M94/14 carbine - in 7mm Mauser?
Swede 94 Carbine 7X57 Pics
swede 94's in 7mm mauser
M94 in 7mm mauser

It sounds like about 2000 of these guns were converted to 7mm Mauser by Madsen in Denmark in the 1950's. A number of these ended up in El Salvador and fewer than 100 of them in rough shape were eventually imported back to the US from El Salvador. I doubt very much that mine is one of the ~100 because it's in great condition with a like-new bore, so I suspect it came over from Europe. At least there's a Danish connection, so I don't feel like my memory is completely unreliable...
I'm not sure what you're getting at, Mike. Are you accusing me of trying to hide something or pass off a fake m/94 as genuine?

Not in any way, shape or form! I'm just trying to learn.

I'll just back out of this completely and wish you the best.
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I'm not trying to force you out of the discussion, Mike, I just wasn't clear on what you were saying. We both appreciate these rifles and should take the opportunity to learn from each other. If you change your mind and chose to stay involved, I welcome any information you want to contribute.

EDIT: Mike deleted the post about the m/94-14 versus m/94 nosepiece that I had responded to so this post and the one above it by Mike lack a bit of context.
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I think Mike is just adding info to the discussion. Sometimes you have to become a bit of an archaeologist to sort the histories of milsurp firearms. ISY, you've done a lot of work to sort it out.
I like this thread. Mike is supportive IMHO and I am learning things I din't know and I think I know it all....;)
I regret ever selling any of the 94's I had.....

I had one that was sportered w/ the infamous -1/4" bbl.
It had an old weaver 4X post and crosshair scope.
Wherever you put that "Pencil Point" is precisely where the bullet went....:)
FYI to all, I registered at on Thursday so I could post the pictures of this rifle and ask the experts there. My account hasn't been approved yet so I have no posting privileges. Once I do, I'll post a link to the thread so people can follow it if they want.
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