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Silly name no? OK, well, the stock on the Mac-10 looks neat-o, but, man, does it suck on toast for actually shooting.


I do dig the sites for all their industrial ugliness. Haha.

So, I acquired this little device, that is claimed to adapt to, vendor's words, CAR-15/M4 stock. Good? Maybe, I don't know. Never had much use for Armalites. (Finally built a SBRed/suppressed clone some years back and immediately lost interest).

Anywho, baby got back:


If one's heart's desire was to install a wood stock in, say, the same vein as an Uzi or the rare MAC wood stocks, what would one do? (I presently have buffer tube and plastic-fantastic stock on the way from Optics Planet who, surprisingly, actually shipped those. So that presumably will work, but yah would prefer an actual rifle stock.)

Who knows. Thanks for any ideas. :D
Why do i feel like there is a rubber "plug" that would bridge the gap between the two - perhaps even a fairly flat rubber butt plate that could have a couple of verticals rounded out of the sides for the existing stock frame to sit into?


Would the US Machinegun adapters work?
you could then use the 6 bracket adapter and mount a shortened wood stock via that way? Ive seen guys on AK forums that wanted folding wood stocks creat brackets that worked with the “ACE” style of mounts.
I figure a cheap warsaw repro wood stock would work.
Just looked it up, manticore has an AK stock adapter that works with the folding hinges and various 6 lug mounting systems!
Thanks all for the ideas. I found the wood stock that @Reno shows, but wasn't sure if it would be compatible. I'm really not up on all things AR parts, but maybe I'm overthinking.

It is fun to shoot, but the ergonomics are just plain bad. I have a GSL Technology Mac-9 silencer in the pipeline (though who knows when it will be approved), so that will handle suppression and a better foregrip. A decent stock would take care of the other. So, hopefully a still handy, but more effective shooter.
With a rifle buffer and the adapter you already have the wood stock would work. It might be ugly and not proper looking. If you were to get an adapter that has a full rear AR type back plate and the wood stock it might look a bit better, but then the sights would be fairly low.
If I were the owner of the Mac 10, and I didn’t really care about its resale in an “original“ condition. I would permanently modify the rear plate to house a better stock option. Likely a comfortable folder.
Alrighty, circling back to this. The adapter and stock were here fast, but the buffer took an eternity to arrive.

I'm missing some bits to make this work. Tightened as far as it will go and the stock is hanging off to the side. In the correct position, too loose. Presumable this gap:

la culata.jpg

Would be a non-issue with these two parts:


If correct, recommendation on what parts to buy that will be here in a reasonable amount of time?

Thanks! :)
You won’t need the end plate, only the castle nut.

If I had a spare I’d drop it in the mail. I checked, sadly I don’t currently.

That or you can shim the inside of the adapter so that it butts up against something and you can time it.
The part came in from Brownells today. Well, it looks like caca, but I can't deny it is an improvement over the wire stock.

Caca Stock.jpg

Barring some BS coming up, I'll likely do some mag dump tests tomorrow. Now if the Feds would just approve the dedicated can for this one, we'd be off to the races. :s0155:
Haha friends. I showed the work to wife and commented that it looks like, well, not "caca" as aforementioned, but another word. She disagreed and said "looks spacey ... I like space guns". (shrug) Whatever, to each his or her own. Honk-honk. :p


I went a different direction with my SWD M11/nine and installed an improved heavy tungsten bolt that finally arrived yesterday, as I've been waiting for over a year for it to be made.
It slows it down to around 630 rounds per minute, about half the rate of a stock bolt and I'm bringing it to the cleanup tomorrow morning for a tryout.
It will make it very controllable with two to three round bursts and even single round fire with some practice.
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