Strops and a Straight Razor

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Hey guys, I recently purchased a side of latigo for strops and have a couple going around in a <broken link removed> (1 in the US, 1 in AUS) and finished up a couple more for sale. The paddle strop and one of the long strops were sold via PMs from people following the passaround but I have 1 more long and 1 short strop available. Prices include shipping in CONUS, outside the US we'll have to work something out. By the way, I have a bunch of 2 1/2" strops that will be done this week (as soon as my swivel clips show up!) and priced at $45, PM me if interested!

*These strops are new and unused*





Long strop - 2" x 18" stropping surface, $40 shipped, PM for paypal info - multiple available
sold - Short strop - 2" x 13" stropping surface, $25 shipped, PM for paypal info - sold

Both strops are made with high quality latigo leather, held together with rivets, and include swivel snap for easy mounting as well as d-rings to get a good grip to keep your tension where it should be.

I put these at a price point where newbies can get a good quality strop without breaking the bank and the veterans can pick one up reasonably as well. There will be more strops added soon but if you need one before I post more please PM me!

Also part of the strop is a cotton webbing to help keep the edge on your razor as sharp as possible.

Cotton Webbing closeup:


So, to the straight. Here is a 6/8 pipe razor in excellent condition, ZERO hone wear, absolutely clean. Sorry the pics suck, my camera's macro is terrible.

Front of the razor shows the signature pipe, back says, "GEORGE WOLSTENHOM & SON, SOLE MANUFACTURERS OF THE, ORIGINAL & TRUE PIPE RAZOR, SHEFFIELD-ENGLAND." It shaved arm hair cleanly so I know it's sharp but I can't say shaving sharp as I haven't tried. I disinfected in barbicide just to make sure she's clean. Everything on this straight is in excellent condition, I would have assumed it was NOS but the previous owner couldn't verify that it was. The box is not a Wolsty but is in excellent condition as well, says, "Fried. Wilh. Engels, Solingen-Grafrath, Leader."

Lets go with $80 - SOLD for the razor, potential trade for the right dovo but I'm more interested in cash sale... Price is shipped, CONUS, payment via paypal.

And the pics:



Feedback: 11 / 0 / 0
Thanks for all the PMs, all have been replied to!

Just finished up a bunch of 2 1/2" strops, $45 shipped conus...

Wolsty straight is sold.

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