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Steven's Visible Loading Repeater .22 Pump, (Pat. Ap 1907)

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by svg4, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. svg4

    svg4 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Stevens Visible Loading Repeater, .22 cal.Pump This rifle is in excellent condition. I just shot it the other day and it cycled perfectly. Below are the markings on this rifle. The rifle is in Tigard. Please, no trades. $355.00 Cell 503-956-7313

    “*VISIBLE LOADING REPEATER PAT. APR. 30-07*” (top of barrel, in front of back sight)

    “REG.U.S.PAT.&FGN” (Right side where barrel meet action)

    “22 SHORT-LONG”
    14 (Inside a circle on the left side where barrel meets action)

    “14” (Inside a circle, on action just across from the same above”

    “SVG” (Left side of action, just below “14” above)

    Serial Number V795 (Right behind trigger guard)
    Tube Loader
  2. Grange29

    Grange29 Georgia USA New Member

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    Hello.... I am new to the site. I am interested in your Stevens Visible Loader. IN the pictures it looks like there are some screw heads sticking up behind the hammer. They would be the screws that hold the stock on. They are supposed to be flush mount screws. IT is hard to tell in the picture. Lets talk about how the action cycles, are there any cracks in the wood, does the pump lock forward solidly, etc. Thanks
  3. svg4

    svg4 Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Grange29, I am sorry I didn't respond right away. For the first time my computer sent this notice to spam. I have no idea why!

    The screws were not the stock screws. They were there to hold a none factory site like the one you would expect to see on an old rolling block.

    I have checked the wood carefully and I can't find any checks or splits

    I have shot the rifle twice and am amazed how smooth everything works. It locks up tight in the front position.

    You can call me at 503-956-7313 or I could send you more pictures. Thanks for the interest, Sam

    PS I just bore scoped it and it was very nice. I expected something because I haven't cleaned it since I shot it.
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