Stevens Tactical 12g Pump (By Savage)

Discussion in 'Shotgun Classifieds' started by KGsoloman5000, Apr 9, 2013.

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    I have a nearly new Stevens 12g pump for sale/trade. Should have a trade value of at least 350 bones. Cash price 275 firm.

    Here's the stats:

    12g pump holds 5+1 with 2 3/4 shells (Accepts 3" shells too)
    Dual rail pump
    Bottom eject
    Steel ghost ring sights, rear adjustable, front green fiber optic
    Sling mounts
    Butt stock shell holder
    Tactical light (works great)
    Comes with 1 box of Federal game loads

    So here's the dealio my family needs a second vehicle pronto, so my wife and I can both keep our jobs :D I am basically looking for an old beat up truck/pickup that I can drive to work a couple days a week and off on shooting/hunting trips. Nothing pretty and honestly older is better, easier and cheaper to work on.

    I feel that the shotty has a trade value of 350 or so and in the next couple weeks we will have cash to throw into the deal as well. Worst comes to worst I also have a s&w .38spl airweight we may have to get into the mix.

    All I need is a truck that runs, drives, stops. All other issues are fine with me, I'm into projects!!

    Thanks for looking.

    **Will try and post pics ASAP, my tablet is taking them much too large to upload. PM me and I will email them also.
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