i bought this pistol a few months ago and it’s a pleasure to shoot but too pretty for my uses so I’m going to stick with my g20 with RMR.

This is a 6” TRP that comes factory with the trijicon RMR and night sites. The gun has seen right at 100rds fired at the range and has little to no marks on it.

It has 2 mags, factory soft case and the factory cardboard box and all included literature as new.

I also have a custom made a Diamond D leather chest holster set up for the pistol and rmr.

Mainly looking for a trade to scratch the AR10 itch but might consider a custom bolt rifle in .243 or 6 creedmoor, possibly a different high end 1911 such as an STI or Wilson edc-x9

Will sell it all for $2000

FE6530B7-1332-4C7E-A9D4-7E823256724E.jpeg 58F27433-D8AD-42B3-9564-A531F5C20165.jpeg B3163804-EE41-49E2-833B-87C465F0BDF8.jpeg

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