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i have a dpms 16 inch barrel with nothing done to it it is not a flattop very basic 60 rounds through it i already have 3 dont need this one i would be interested in a trade with me booting about 300 i will post pics if its something your into this gun is basically new in box with the 2 mags that come in the box
I'm confused. It sounded like the fellow offered a trade with a stock AR15 carbine. I thought that was what you were looking for, yet you declined to proceed.

Perhaps more details about what you are looking for (manufacturer, price range, flat top, removeable sights and so on) in the trade would help others make offers that you might be more receptive to.

Most of us want to figure out how to be successful at trades and sales, and I presume you are no different. What are you looking for that might result in both parties moving closer to a deal?
All I can guess is that the price/value wasn't to his liking. I thought it seemed close enough to be worth at least sending you a PM to haggle a bit, unless he had his mind on a flat top, or rifle from a specific manufacturer. That was why I posted the way I did.

His rifle is nice, and I think the value he is applying to the M1A is fair, but the part that confuses me is what he is hoping to get in return. Some fellows want an old beater stock AR in order to build one, and it may be because your AR was too new, hence expensive. He may have wanted a cheaper one so that he could use the cash he would acquire in the trade to get the parts to build up the AR the way he wants.

But without more information, it is hard to guess at how to succeed here.
Sorry for any confusion. I hope this clears things up.

1. Cash offers get priority

2. The price for my rifle package is not negotiable, unless you are offering to buy it outright. Here are the reasons:

A. Currently this rifle is around $1,500 new (I paid more than that).
B. CMI Mags are $28-$32 per ($180)
C. Ammo is worth $129 (not including tax)

3. Please make sure that you are willing to part with your AR for no more than $800.

4. Flat top uppers get priority, but are not a must.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
i would part with it for 800 im not trying to offend you but a couple weeks ago there was a new springfield m1a on here that i was gonna buy but couldnt sell the gun i was trying to to get it was a real nice rifle with about 100 rounds through it had a od green synthetic stock and 9 mags for 1100 so thats why i think 1400 is a little high but no problem here hope you sell it and get what you want for it
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