Soviet ammo crates for spam cans storage house use etc

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    I have been collecting these from my friends and family when they go through them for a project where i was going to make a glas table, refinish them etc... well having a kid makes those go to the wayside and the wifes pissed i have collected about 8 at this point. yep so Im trying to sell all 8 for 25$ these are great for if you buy spam cans and dont get the crate, it will help with storage and moving them.
    These fit any spam can that is gree... 762x32 762x54 762x25 5.45x39 etc
    or you could use them to store anything, or make something like i was planning!
    great markings on them all from russia etc
    all of them in great shape, one needs two screws to reattach the top, but the other 7or 8 are fine! 90$ of them are the style that have a slide lock, 2 use a less sturdy tab lock etc.
    I am in portland a mile from downtown, will also take petty trades, oz silver coin, a little ammo of common rounds, a pair of ak/ar mags etc
    no hurry to sell just showing the wife "im trying"

    Screen shot 2012-11-12 at 4.38.22 PM.jpg
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    Beaverton side or east side?

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