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Some Punk Stole My Garbage Can

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by 4Freedom, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. 4Freedom

    4Freedom Boise, Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I am so ****** pissed off, I cannot even begin to say. I go outside in the evening to put my garbage cans back and my nice new Rubbermaid I bought at Fred Meyer a couple months ago is no longer there. THankfully, they didn't steal my recycling bin. I just want to know what this world is coming to that people will even steal your garbage cans?

    I was all feeling bad about the whole gun ban craze and price gouging, but now I have something new to worry about. IF this keeps happening, I will be forced to pile up garbage in my backyard and make bi-monthly trips to the dump.

    Has anyone else had their garbage cans stolen and what have they done to prevent it? I cannot weigh it down, as the garbage guys will refuse to pick it up. And booby trapping the can won't work either, as it could harm the garbage men. You see how vulnerable I am here?

    What desperate times we are facing that people go so low as to even steal your garbage can!!!!
  2. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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    Are you kidding? A meth head could get a dollar for that!

    I live in a 'nice' neighborhood and some solar/LED garden lights I installed only last one week before they were stolen. My neighbor installed a nice mailbox her herself and that lasted a couple weeks.

    Last Summer I was doing some remodeling and had a junk pile of demo-ed plywood, etc, in my driveway and someone crow picked most of it w/o asking. Another neighbor left her Chihuahua tied to her front door to go answer the phone and came back to find her dog stolen off the leash.

    The worst is my work as a contractor. For many 20+ years you could leave your ladder, Dewalt drill, etc at a (secure premise) jobsite and not have to deal with 'putting everything away' so you could get right back to work the next day. Forget that. A month ago all three of my best ladders grew legs and left the jobsite and someone stole all my 18V batteries, but left my drill. So there I was with tons of equipment to mount on a wall by hand or go battery shopping in the middle of my work day.

    If it isn't bolted down, forget about seeing it again.

    Of course, this is all kiddie stuff. Wait until the real desperate crap starts.
  3. Widerstand

    Widerstand Portland rebmeM roineS

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    People never take the stuff you want them to take. I put a huge pile of good scrape metal next to the street thinking someone would take it, really soon, even posted it on Craigslist. It sat there for 4 days till I took it to metro metal and got $40.

    But they will steal trash cans, farmers irrigation pipes, and try pulling up railroad spikes and tracks.
  4. solv3nt

    solv3nt Portland Well-Known Member

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    I've lost three trash cans since 2008, one at my previous house, and two at my current house.
  5. samuelm16

    samuelm16 se pdx Well-Known Member

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    had 40 mile an hour winds in portland last night maybe you had some gusts up there? mine rolled into the front yard
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  6. spectra

    spectra The Couve Moderator Staff Member

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    :laugh: I see that all the time and yes it has been windy in the Metro area.

    4 I have people steal my recycling bin all the time. They take it for the 5 cents they get for each bottle. Sad you need to steal my bin for 1.50 in glass:paranoid:
  7. 4Freedom

    4Freedom Boise, Idaho Well-Known Member

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    I see from the other posts here that what happened to me now is nothing out of the ordinary. Yeah, I suppose the days of leaving your door unlocked and leaving your tools outside are long gone. If they steal a garbage can, they can just about steal anything. A good word advice, never spend a lot of money on a garbage can.. You may regret it.

    No wind gusts samuel.. There hasn't been any wind in the area for the last week. And, where I live, if there was wind gusts, I would have found my can or my neighbors would have put it on my lawn. No, I live off a busier rural road and somebody decided to snatch and grab..

    I noticed I had a few questionable toothless characters in dilapidated pickup trucks and overalls coming up to my house and begging me to give them some of my gym equipment from my garage as they wanted to go and cash it in as metal scrap. I told them my gym equipment is not garbage and to go away. I'm not saying I can blame them for this crime, but I do have a few suspicions.

    Who knows who did it.. But getting robbed sucks, no matter what it is.

    From the other posts, it's scary to hear the type of things people steal these days.. Never knew people could be so low as to steal someone's dog.. Humans have become so merciless.
  8. JackFrost

    JackFrost Central Oregon Active Member

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    Even when they are bolted down they disappear! I had a heavy duty steel Rigid job box that I kept all of my hand tools in. I would chain it down at night and normally that was sufficient, until I was working on a project off of SE Foster and 72nd. I locked it up the 3rd night on the job as usual and the next morning some degenerate had blown through the 3/4 plywood that we used to secure the door opening and cut the chain to my box and took it along with 2 chop saws and several ladders!
    I was so tempted to leave a few tools out in the open that night and wait in the dark with a bat!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Swedish K

    Swedish K SW Washington Moderator Staff Member

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    I wonder if they would try to call the cops if they got tagged with pepperballs or the non paintball permanent dye marker balls the guns were originally designed for? sure would make IDing them easier...
  10. Trailboss

    Trailboss Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    Some meth head living in a cardboard box decided to add a game room onto his abode. Nice
  11. WhyteCheddar

    WhyteCheddar East of Moscow by the Willamette Well-Known Member

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    The wind steals my neighbors cans almost every week. LOL

    One evening this summer I realized that I had forgotten to close my garage door (I live in a pretty decent subdivision with one way in and out road). I sometimes keep it open in the evening on hot days because it can get real hot in there and it helps cool it down faster. Well, I had to go pick my daughter up from a friends and as I was walking though the garage I noticed that my sons very nice/expensive freestyle/bmx style bike was flat gone. I checked at the neighbors house where he hangs with his friends and it wasnt there. So it was stolen. I left to pick up the female offspring and was just stewing over the nerve someone had to walk up into my garage and take something out. My recliner is only 30' from where the bike was parked, just behind the door.
    I was just pulling back into my driveway with my daughter when low and behold here comes two late teen/early twenty low lifes, jeans hanging to their knees pushing a couple of bicycles. I think, 'could they really be that dumb?" and sure enough, one of them was pushing my sons bike. I let him pass the driveway thinking maybe he had a change of heart and was replacing it, but nope! he kept on walking. Rolled down my window and told him to stop right there which he did right in his tracks. As I walked up to him he looked like he was ready to shave his drawers. Told him it was my sons bike and what the hell is he doing with it. He made up some story about finding it. After I made him think I was going to bring the police in I finally let him go. I couldnt prove he didnt find it but I could tell from his response he was full of it.
    You just cant expect anything to stay where you leave it anymore. Even locked up you only have a slightly better chance of keeping it.
  12. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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    Probably shouldn't say this here but what the heck. A buddy of mine and his family have been doing tit for tat pranks vs me for a long time and a few months ago they attempted to Tee Pee my house.

    Luckily, I was home and caught them in the act. Thank you Dakota Alert Driveway alarm!

    That was really very bold and brave of them to saw the least.

    So I acted like it was no big deal, that I can take it as well as dish it out all the while thinking 'oh boy, you've really asked for it now'.

    Now anytime I am in their area late at night I go by and mess with their stuff. My favorite is to pull their 100' garden house down their driveway into the street and leave a nasty bar of soap there with a dirty rag. They think bums are taking baths in front of their home late at night! :)

    The best part is the wife shares with me what is happening and their plan to try a put an end to it, when their neighbor is watching, etc. I was sitting there a while back and listening to their entire conversation and attack plan. Convenient for me.

    So, the next step was to take an old sleeping bag I had and leave it in the bushes along their driveway with some McDonald's wrappers, old Whiskey bottle, and even a couple of 'used' - not really, just made to look that way - condoms laying around like bums are screwing next to their house.

    Last, but not least, he left two 20lb propane tanks out in the back of his house so I stole those a couple weeks ago. Of course, someday they will be returned. Here I was, 3am, carrying these two full propane tanks two blocks to my van snickering so loud I was worried that alone would get me caught.

    If spotted by police I am sure my friends would say they never saw me before in their life, so the risk is real, but worth it :). Never thought about stealing their garbage and recycle cans - that will be next. Although I will just move them up the street a ways and leave them in plain view.

    Oh yeah, they installed a 500w halide light up high on their garage to overlook the driveway. I will take a ladder by and steal that entire lamp assembly when I have the chance, or at least the lamp if I don't burn the crap out of myself trying.
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  13. Scoundrel

    Scoundrel Western Wasington State Member

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    Buy a new trash can and a couple cans of some AWFUL colors of spray paint, and put a cow pattern on it.
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  14. bruzer

    bruzer Grants Pass, OR Well-Known Member

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    Sorry to hear of your situation. Yesterday I bought a Worksman Trike to replace the stolen Worksman trike from last August. Crooks came through two gated fences to get the trike and another Worksman bike. Stolen while I lay sound asleep with my window open only 20 feet away. To replace both bikes from the factory, over $1000.
  15. euge

    euge Snohomish Member

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    somewhere, someones keg of beer is cold now
  16. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu Oregon Bronze Supporter Bronze Supporter

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    Sad to say dog fighters steal people's pets to train their pit dogs to maul and kill an opponent! They prefer smaller dogs because that gets the job done with less chance of their valuable fighting dog losing an eye or a recieving a crushed paw etc. Line up all dog fighters wire them up and I will pay for the privalage of pushing the die slow button.
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  17. Redcap

    Redcap Lewis County, WA Well-Known Member

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    Dude...you live in or around Tacoma and you are surprised?
  18. gunfreak

    gunfreak Boise Well-Known Member

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    Thats where a game camera can pull double duty.
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  19. Kimber Custom

    Kimber Custom Vancouver, WA Bronze Vendor Bronze Vendor

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    Overall I've been very lucky over the years with very little of mine being stolen. However, I had a big 44oz water glass that I fill twice a day sitting on my desk. One day last week I went to fill it up and it was gone. Really? A glass? From my desk? What I find more disheartening is clearly it was a co-worker who took it. I would think we would have more respect for one another.

    I did have 25 gallons of gas taken out of my Suburban last summer. Another situation where I was angry something was taken but more disheartened that it was probably a neighbor.
  20. jimwsea

    jimwsea Vancouver, Washington state Active Member

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    From what I've been reading, violent crime may be going down due to the increase in armed people, but theft is on the rise due to the worsening economy.