Some lighter fare: The "Neverlution"

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    Here's one of my favorite comedians sharing some truths about the world (as of Summer 2011)
    Sure, it's scary how much truth is in what he says, but maybe this can help some others get the message.


    The past decade Hangover Recap:
    "Wait, Bush, lost the election ... but he won anyway? *Yaaaaaak*"
    "What, goat farmers crashed airplanes into the WTC, are you kid--*Yaaaaaak*"
    "Iraq War? But they didn't do anything, there wasn't any weapons of--*Yaaaaaak*"
    "Hurricane Katrina? ... How come we gave people who lost trailers more trailers? *Yaaaaaak*"
    "Afghanistan? TWO wars? Is Haliburton getting a volume discount now? *Yaaaaaak*"
    "Bush got elected AGAIN? Are you #$%^^& kidding me? *Coughcoughhack*"
    "Haiti fell over? Who built it, 2 of the 3 little pigs? *Yaaaaak*"
    "Toyotas crashing into preschools? ... *Yaaaaaak*"
    "Oh god: unemployment 10%; Everyone lost their house; BP oil spill--*Yaaaaaak*"
    "Hold on, Japan, Earthquake, Tsunami, AND got nuked? %^## man... Why didn't you just bring back Godzilla, woulda done less damage..."
    "Oh please give me some good news... wait, Osama bin Laden is Dead?"

    Enjoy. And share it with others who might need a wakeup call.
    (oh, don't own this youtube video or account, all respective rights yada yada..)
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    A buddy of mine posted this to Facebook yesterday:

    " I was hanging out with Jacob and his buddy for lunch. They starting about playing Army and came up that I was in the military at one point. Jacob's buddy asked if I had killed anyone...I explained that there was a time before he was born when we were not at war...I suddenly realized that there is a decade of births who have not known a time where the US has not been at war...what a depressing thought."

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