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Selling my shotgun after coming to the conclusion that I have no real reason to own it. It looks awesome, but It just does not get enough use to justify owning it. I have run approx. 200 rds of #8 birdshot, and approx 50 slugs/00buck. No malfuctions whatsoever to speak of. It was purchased new in March of this year.

12ga Mossberg 500, 5+1 Capacity. Comes with 18.5in Open choke barrel and 28in Cylinder Bore barrel.

Accessories included:
-Blackhawk Knoxx SpecOps folding stock. Excellent at reducing recoil. (Factory buttstock is included)
-Aimtech Warhammer heatshield/rail system. 24 inches of picatinny up top, with two 5inch rails up front.
-Butler Creek 6rd side saddle (includes all mounting hardware)
-Condor singlepoint elastic sling (in Multicam)
-Allen Shotshell belt (holds 25 shells)
-Hoppes 12ga Boresnake

-5 Boxes (125rds) of Federal field and target load - 1 1/8oz, #8 shot, 2 3/4in (4 Boxes shown, 5th is on the Allen Shell belt)
-1 Box (15 rds) Winchester 2 3/4in 00 buckshot (9 unplated pellets)
-1 Box Winchester 2 3/4 Universal load - 1 1/8oz, #7 1/2 shot, 2 3/4in

Looking to get $400 for the lot, not interested in parting out. I'm located in Whatcom County, specifically Bellingham. Be a Washington Resident with current ID, Age 18 or older. Face to Face, Cash in hand.


Note: Red Dot in picture is not included. Thrown on merely for looks by CoalBurner.
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