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Ruger 10/22M - .22wmr - magnum

stock has a lacquer coat of some kind.

steel receiver with machined in scope base
iron sights (cant get that with the new clones)
metal trigger group
has a 3-9 x 40 Nikon buck-master scope

barrel has some exterior ware on it, but overall gun is in good shape.

rifle - $650
rifle and scope - $825

Cycles 40 grain ammo without problem, but sometimes stovepipes 30 grain ammo.

Trades I am considering.

Benjamin marauder
izh-46m air pistol
Springfield M6
pocket 9mm
.308 rifle (or other hunting caliber that wont cost an arm and a leg to buy)
.22 rimfire (rem 572 pump, pistols, or target rifles)
rem 870
.454 casull double action
Might consider other trades especially with cash or great deals, no sks's or ak's.
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Sorry not really interested in full size pistols, already have a couple.

If you are not an OR resident, transaction must go through FFL in your state, its the law.
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If a WA resident travels to OR and purchases/trades a rifle/handgun, is there a registration process?

From my understanding, private transactions can only take place between residents of the same state (based on your drivers license or military orders).
If the firearm is to be sold/traded to someone of another state federal law requires it to go through an ffl on the buyers side. (even if the firearms have no registration such as OR an WA). It is also my understanding that violating this law is considered a felony, and make it illegal to purchase or own a firearm again in your life.

I was also told that a few years back their was a sting operation in the Vancouver/Portland area that was trying to caught people breaking this law, not sure if it was true.

I know that Wikipedia is fare from a creatable source, but it is easy to find.
Private sales between residents of two different states are also prohibited without going through a licensed dealer, except for the case of a buyer holding a Curio & Relic license purchasing a firearm that qualifies as a curio or relic.

Private sales between unlicensed individuals who are residents of the same state are allowed under federal law so long as such transfers do not violate the other existing federal and state laws. While current law mandates that a background check be performed if the seller has a federal firearms license, private parties living in the same state are not required to perform such checks under federal law. State laws however can prohibit such sales.
but this FFL stuff sounds to be a PITA.

***ATTENTION Washington Residents***

I am moving to Tacoma WA this summer, so if you are a WA resident and can wait till mid to late July, I will sell/trade with you FTF no FFL at that time.

I will also be up in Tacoma June 17-21, if you want to LOOK at the rifle.
Rifle is back up, sale didn't happen due to my sudden unexpected deployment to clean up after BP.

I also have scene moved to Washington, so now you guys have a chance. Sorry OR.
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